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Our Company is ISO 14001 : 2004 certified for its Green Environment Initiatives. It is among one of the the highest rating one can get in the world for supporting the cause on environment protection. We work in various critical areas to ensure that we help conserve the world's environment :

OM Logistics is one of it’s company that have pledged to plant at least 5000 plants every year
In house we implant air purifying plants like janet craig, peace lilly etc.
Most Branches/offices of Om Group is Eco friendly in such a manner that it doesn't harm the natural resources. Natural Light is used over heat emitting electric ones and electricity is therefore conserved helping in carbon credit. Tree Saplings are grown in the compounds to help in overall green cover of the environment.
We keep on educating our employees to adapt environment friendly working culture
We recycle waste produced during unpacking & repacking of our clients goods. Also all packaging material is recycled which is used by us.
All vehicles employed by Om Group carry valid emission certificates from the Government of India. We take special care than no polluting vehicle is ever used even when employing third party vendors.
Majority of the branches and offices of Om Group use Rainwater Harvesting to recycle water. Also vehicles are washed with recycled water & water thus used is again deployed for gardening purposes.

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